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Scott P. Lewis

Scott P. Lewis

President and Owner Scott is a native of Palm Beach and has over 40 years of landscaping, tree trimming and nursery management experience. He is a graduate of Duke University, FAU, & The Hotchkiss School. Scott is an Emergency Management Professional with over 16 years of disaster response experience ranging from hurricane, earthquake, and oil spill response efforts through The Eagles' Wings Foundation, following 20 years of emergency response in the fire service. For more information on The Eagles' Wings Foundation click here.

Account Managers

Yvonne Beroud studied Horticulture at SUNY and has 40 years’ experience in the Horticulture field. She specializes in creating garden container arrangements.                                       Tracy Sposato-Davis has worked in interior and exterior gardening for over 30 years. She specializes in creating beautiful garden container arrangements.                                                         Ray Cabrera has experience with high-end landscaping services for over 27 years. He specializes in tree trimming, enhancements, and garden maintenance.                                                     Matt Campbell an arborist, has worked in Palm Beach for 12 years. He specializes in complex landscape installations, client relationships, and business development.  


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